Career Values Checklist

Align your values with your career and you’ll be happier at work

9111876_sWhen asked to name their values, many people immediately will say family is one of their most important values. Many people of these same people spend 30 percent to 50 percent or more time traveling for business. And they wonder why they’re not happy.

Other clients say money is not important to them Not important at all. But they pine after beautiful designer clothing and are longing for the day when they can buy a boat. Not just a little boat mind you, a floating vacation home. Obviously, money is more valuable to them than they may believe.

One enlightening exercise is to make a list of the ten to 20 things you most like to do. Study the list to see if there is a pattern. Does it surprise you? Take a look at how often you do things you enjoy. Do you spend most of your life doing things you don’t enjoy?

While you’re at it, examine the way you like to do things. Do you like to spend your time playing softball (being with a group) or curled up with a good book (being alone)? Do you prefer the excitement of downhill skiing or the relaxation of a day on the hiking trail? Consider your answers to these questions when you are thinking about a new job or career. Imagine how you’ll be spending your days on the job. Will you enjoy it?

Use the following questions as a jumping off point or career values checklist. But be sure to add your own. Remember, you are the most important part of the equation.

  • When did you last do this activity? Was it work-related?
  • Are your leisure interests free or do they cost money? How much money?
  • Do you do this alone or with others? If you’re part of a team, are you the leader?
  • Is this a fast-paced activity or a way to relax?
  • Do your favorite pastimes challenge you and/or push you to be creative?
  • Was there a goal associated with this pursuit? If so, what?
  • Do you generally prefer to plan your activities, have them planned for you or go at the spur of the moment?
  • Do your favorite things nourish your body, mind or spirit?


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