Personality Worksheet

Knowing who you are is an important part of the assessment process

PersonalityAnother way to get a picture of yourself is to take a good look at those traits that make you who you are.

Read through the following personality worksheet. Mark all the traits you feel describe you. (Mentally add any that are not listed.) Whittle your choices down to the ten traits that are most like you.

Think about these characteristics. Think about the jobs you most enjoyed and those you didn’t. Most likely, the work you loved allowed you to be who you are.

Think about it.

 Accurate  Idealistic  Sensible
 Adaptable  Imaginative  Sensitive
 Ambitious  Independent  Sociable
 Analytical  Intelligent  Supportive
 Assertive  Logical  Tenacious
 Calm  Motivated  Thorough
 Competitive  Optimistic  Trustworthy
 Confident  Organized  Understanding
 Conscientious  Outgoing  Versatile
 Creative  Persuasive  Sensitive
 Diplomatic  Practical  Sociable
 Easy going  Precise  Supportive
 Efficient  Punctual  Tactful
 Enthusiastic  Realistic  Tenacious
 Friendly  Reliable  Thoughtful
 Helpful  Resourceful  Trustworthy
 Honest  Responsible  Versatile


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